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(705) 674-0190

165 Pine Street
Sudbury, ON P3A 1B3


How can you help?

At its very heart, earthdancers is community.  It is people coming together to use their passion and talent to help others - to make a difference in the world they live in.  

You can be involved with earthdancers in several ways:


join us!

Are you a dancer between the ages of 10 and 18?  Are you passionate, committed and dedicated to making a difference?  Contact Denise Vitali, earthdancers' artistic director, to find out how you can be part of the work of earthdancers.


mentor us!

Are you a parent or alumnus of earthdancers?  The young dancers who produce the show each year can always use a word of encouragement, sage advice, or just a helping hand. To get involved with this year's efforts, contact the group through phone, email, or by using the form to the right... and find out how you can help.  


support us!

Are you a business owner in Greater Sudbury?  Every year, donations from the local community help earthdancers cover the cost of producing their shows, allowing them to donate every penny they raise from ticket sales to environmental groups.  If you would like to sponsor the earthdancers, contact them using the form to the right.


volunteer with us!

Are you able to commit a day, a weekend, or even just a few hours of your time?  By baking for our bake sale, helping us clean up Pine Street, or volunteering at one of our performances, you can help lighten the load of the dancers and be part of the joy of giving.  Contact earthdancers to find out how you can help. 


be a steward of the earth!

Each one of us has a part to play in 'saving tomorrow'.  Do your part in any way you can - together we can make a difference.

Do you think you can help earthdancers in other ways?  We would love to hear from you.  Contact our artistic director, Denise Vitali, to offer your suggestions or services.  

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