Our Team


Artistic Director

Denise Vitali

Denise has been guiding the earthdancers as their artistic director since the group's formation in 1989.

Production Team

Production coordinator:  Emma Bisaillon

This year's production team is being led by Emma Bisaillon. 

"As the production coordinator, my responsibilities are to assign and supervise the tasks of the production team members as well as to communicate with our hosts, beneficiaries, and sponsors.  My other responsibilities include organizing fundraisers, contacting the media, and any writing tasks.  I am also responsible for ensuring that the earthdancers strive to achieve their mission."  ~ Emma B.


production team

Members of the 2018 production team are:  Hannah Pilon, Isabella Lanci, Josée Paquette, Stephanie Suitor, Daniella Harvey and Alexander Koren.


junior production team

Shadowing the production team this year is the junior production team of: Sophie Guerin, Olivia Giroux, Mia Binks, Lola Bisaillon, Jenna Rossignol, Emma Joy Charsley, Amanda Macdonald and Alexandria Nadeau.